Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Motivation...or lack there of.

I have been in a rut lately. A huge one. The internet defines motivation as an incentive or reason for doing something. It seems lately I can't find any...at all. I have completely slacked off in my class and it isn't even a hard class to take. The subject matter is pretty easy...just a lot of reading. The last 2 semesters my heart just hasn't been in it. I want to and need to finish my degree, I just can't find the motivation I had when I started back to school in the Fall of 2009. My house is a wreck. I've never been a super clean freak, but it was always decent. I wouldn't be embarrassed to have people over. Right now, I'd have to spend a good full day cleaning before I'd let someone step foot in the front door. It isn't like it is disgusting, just cluttered and dusty. I have hoarding tendancies, but mostly with canned goods...so my house isn't waist deep in sale ads from 1997 or anything...don't want you getting the wrong idea. :-). Besides school and housework what has taken a huge hit from my lack of motivation is my running...and for some reason that bothers me the most. By this time last year I had accumulated 25.64 more miles in training than I have today, and that was with a month off due to an injury. For the year 2009 I had a total of 441.57 miles. I'm not sure I'll hit that mark for 2010...I know I won't beat it at the rate I'm going. I'm lost as to how to get my mojo back. I'm not sure how I lost it. All I know is I want to find my motivation again...and quick! What do I do?