Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is this thing still on????

Man it has been a while since I blogged. Where has the time gone...and what the hell have I been doing? Who knows....I've drank and slept a lot since March. :-). I haven't been running much in the last few months. I did a 5k on was hot & humid, but it did feel good to run again & see all my DRC peeps. Thankfully the fall training season starts up in a fews weeks and I can get back on track. I have to drop some of this weight I've put back on. Lately I had given up on dating. I have a profile on a dating site that has been up a while, but no one ever really sparked my interest. Until recently. I am one who usually keeps my guard up at first, that is what one does when your heart has been broken a few times. But it isn't easy for me to express my feelings. I wish I could wear my emotions on my sleeve. Right now I have butterflies...and I haven't felt this way in a very long time. It is scary. Terrifying. I'm afraid it will end up being too good to be true. I'm sure I'll do something to screw it up...I usually do. At least I think so. I either come on too stromg or not strong enough. I know I am a lot to handle. But I really hope this one sticks around. We seem to have a lot in common from music to tv shows. I mean how many guys out there really watch Gator Boys?!? I really want to introduce him to my friends...I know they'd like him too. But all in due time. Right now I am enjoying getting to know him better. I'm not sure if I will post this or not, and if I do I hope he doesn't see it & run away. But I guess that is the chance I take expressing my feelings on a blog. But I do feel better.

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